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Is it February already??

Geez. I can't believe it's already the second half of February. I'm still in my post-Christmas, post-snow and ice storms, post-icky 2+weeks-long cold let's-sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-cute-men-on-TV mode.

Had to buy my own Valentine chocolate this year. Again. (The cute guy who sits over the cube wall is apparently not interested.) But I really liked some of Target's line of Valentine treats this year -- "Love Bites".

My manager is trying to micro-manage me. And I'm trying to squirm out from under her thumb. Some days my work life is, to paraphrase the Genie in "Aladdin", lots of responsibility, itty-bitty authority.

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vampire fangs

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

Finally finished work (and got my boss off my back, sort of). I'll have to come in over the weekend and do some stuff. However, I have threatened to beat one of my coworkers severely with a large zucchini the next time I see him for LOCKING HIS COMPUTER WITH ONE OF MY FILES OPEN. I informed my boss that he had done this, and her attitude was 'well, we don't want to have too many versions floating around that might be confusing, so we'll just make changes on Monday.' Oh, no. I see very well which briar patch that trail is leading to. Somehow, it will be my fault that the work isn't done in a timely manner. (Seeing as how I'm already getting grief about that, I don't need an extra helping.) Arrrgh!!!!

Okay, rant mostly over. (Thanks for listening, we return you to your regularly scheduled program.)

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, celebrated in the way that gives you the most joy (and mashed potatoes with gravy!).
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vampire fangs


This is just a test to see if my newly uploaded userpic works the way I want it to!!

Happy Day of the Dead!
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vampire fangs

Halloween fun at the office

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Our group at work decided to dress up for Halloween. Since I had already found a great devil tail and pitchfork at the thrift store, I decided to come a devil. But I waited until the last minute to try and find some horns. Went out last night in a last-ditch effort to find horns (read: inexpensive). Ended up buying some very groovy batwing-shaped "devil wings" (that cost more than horns would have -- details!!). Add black pants and red top and appropriate accessories (including my bugs-embedded-in-lucite bracelet), and I was "Devil Girl." Being the resident "Mistress of the Night" at work, I was asked where my costume was. Ha ha. But when asked where my horns were, I told them that I'd had them surgically removed so I would fit in with all the "normal" people. Hee hee!

May you receive all the chocolate-y goodness you deserve, or need.

My chocolate calendar quote/factoid for yesterday:
"Will hiding in a cabin with stockpiled chocolate goods be any part of this plan?" -- Xander, from the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
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deep breaths needed, or possibly a clone

I'm busy and stressing about getting enough inventory made for my jewelry/craft show this weekend. Usually this would not necessarily be a problem, but I got into a gift shop about 2 months ago that is selling my jewelry (espcially charm bracelets) almost faster than I can make them.

A mixed blessing!

Gotta go.
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